ADVANCED ACCOUNTING TRAINING, advance simply accounting


Hotel Ibis Yogyakarta l 9 – 11 Oktober 2013 l 08.00-16.00 WIB

Rp.5.500.000,- per peserta (Non-Residential)

Rp.5.000.000,- per peserta (Pendaftaran 3 peserta dari 1 perusahaan)


Advanced Accounting is a continuation of the study of financial accounting. The areas of coverage in this course include issues concerning the operation of Partnerships, Business Combinations and Consolidated Financial Statements, and International Accounting Issues. These topics require a working knowledge of GAAP and Professional Pronouncements.

The course is designed to provide an understanding of the technical requirements as well as developing an appreciation for working with accounting pronouncements and research of accounting issues. Professional Communication skill for writing and speaking will be
emphasized throughout the semester


  • Properly prepare consolidated financial statements as of the date of acquisition and for periods subsequent to the date of acquisition. (Synthesis)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of current GAAP related to Business Combinations and its relationship to present reporting practices. (Analysis)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the accounting techniques and methods associated with the formation and liquidation of partnerships. (Application)
  • Prepare and analyze accounts for importing and exporting transactions denominated in foreign currencies, as well as accounting for forward exchange contracts. (Analysis and Synthesis)


  1. Business Combinations
  2. Accounting for Investments
  3. Equity Method
  4. Introduction to business combinations
  5. Accounting for business combinations
  6. Consolidated statements: date of acquisition
  7. Consolidated statements: after acquisition
  8. Consolidated statements: allocation and depreciation of dierence between acquirees’ implied fair and book values
  9. Consolidated statements: intercompany dierences
  10. Segment and interim reporting
  11. International Financial reporting standards
  12. Accounting for foreign currency transactions and hedging foreign exchange risk
  13. Translation of Financial statements of foreign afiliates


Achmad Fadjar, SE, Akt


Presentation, Discussion,  Case Study,  Evaluation,  Pre-Test & Post-Test


Professionals for whom an in-depth accounting knowledge would prove beneficial


  • Certificate, Training Kit, Module / Handout, Lunch, Coffee Break, Souvenir
  • Transportasi antar jemput selama training ( bandara / stasiun/ terminal, Hotel-tempat pelatihan PP)


Biaya kursus: Rp. 5.500.000,- per orang (Non Residential)

Rp.5.000.000,- per peserta (Pendaftaran 3 peserta dari 1 perusahaan)

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