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A Production Sharing Contract (PSC) is, in simplified terms, an agreement between the state and a contractor, where the contractor agrees to explore for and produce petroleum reserves within a defined contract area in return for an agreed economic share of the petroleum produced. PSCs are used in key oil and gas producing countries, each of these have different approaches and levels of complexity. Moreover, new PSCs have been recently adopted and developed in some key jurisdictions, such as Brazil and Mexico. These complex agreements include a number of clauses that have particular legal interpretation and accompanying fiscal formulas. Therefore, it is crucial to have the correct understanding of the terms in order to calculate the formulas correctly and ensure a smooth agreement implementation.


  • Commercial and business development managers within national and international oil and gas companies looking to improve their PSCs negotiation skills and overall commercial performance.
  • Legal advisors involved in negotiating or renegotiating Production Sharing Contracts.
  • Government representatives, policy makers, and regulators looking to increase their Production Sharing Contracts knowledge.
  • Insurance and risk managers looking to reduce the legal and contracts risks for their companies
  • Executives, professionals, and academics looking to increase or specialize in the area of Production Sharing Contracts.


Course Content

Evolution of the PSCs, Service Agreements and concessionary systems

  • Negotiation techniques and the role of counsel
  • Comparisons of model PSCs in various countries
  • Explanation and analysis of key provisions to make the PSC work
  • The PSCs arrangements within the host government contracts’ framework
  • Progressive and regressive elements and rates of return
  • Review the relationship dynamics between governments and IOCs
  • Commonly occurring causes of disputes and to gain knowledge on
  • International Dispute Resolution Framework and Institutions: how to negotiate arbitration clauses
  • Problems and pitfalls in contract negotiations
  • A practical guide to balancing the State vs. investor risks
  • In an optional one day course, Introduction to key English Contract Law Principles.


          Ir. M. Syahri, MT


Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation

Who Sould Attend

The four day training course is specifically designed for professionals involved nationally and internationally in the oil and gas industry. It offers a unique opportunity to rapidly increase your understanding of the legal issues involved in production sharing contracts and to improve your negotiation techniques and skills in drafting a variety of related contracts.


Certificate, Training Module (Hard and Soft copy (USB Flash Disk), Stationeries: NoteBook and Ballpoint, Souvenir (Jacket or waistcoat or T-Shirt), Bag or backpackers,  Training Photo, Training room with full AC facilities and multimedia, Once lunch and twice coffeebreak every day of training, Qualified instructor,



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